Google Things to do: Quiz

Google Things to do can be confusing, but learning about it will be fun. Play through our quiz and find your next steps when it comes to selling your experiences via Google.
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Our free quiz will clue you in on three key areas to evaluate your Google Things to do-readiness:

tech savviness
From just getting started with digitization to embracing the whole online marketing suite, where would you place your business?
Google Things to do is built around points of interests, making it more useful for some businesses than others. Find how well it serves yours.
Beside your own website and points of sale, you also sell your activities via resellers? Discover how it influences your Google Things to do decision.
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Mariana Fonseca is Digital Marketing Manager at bookingkit enthusiastic about sharing relevant knowledge with tour and leisure experience providers. In her free time, she loves traveling, meeting new people and cultures, and never says no to an adventure.